Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Basic instinct

Of all the things I admire, what stands above the rest is the animal instinct, exhibited by animals. Of course, 'animal instinct' as said to be exhibited by humans is more often than not about multiple sexual partners or murder.

My dog just gave birth to seven puppies. She didn't need anyone to teach her what to do or what to expect during her pregnancy or delivery. How many human women do you know who could carry through a pregnancy or delivery without outside help/intervention?

From the time whelping began, Doughnut, my German Shepherd, kept herself busy licking her bottom and every little amniotic sac clad pup that popped out. She didn't really need me; she wouldn't have died without my assistance. I was merely an onlooker, making sure she was completely pushing them out in time before they choked midway, ensuring she'd taken off the amniotic membrane off their face so they could take that first step without drowning in amniotic fluid, making sure she bit off the umbilical cord so there wasn't too long a one hanging off of each puppy's belly. She knew instantly that she had to eat up the placenta and the amniotic sac and make room for the next pup to emerge. If you were in labour and alone, would you know what to do? Would you be in a frame of mind to do it?

Even after the pups were born, Doughnut knew to lick them constantly to remove any obstructions from their breathing or anal orifices. She also began to lick their poop and piss. How many of you could survive without commercial diapers or pampers?

Now, a day later, Doughnut has learned to let her puppies suckle and only goes away for a couple of minutes when she needs to eat, excrete, or just needs a minute of personal time. Would you be able to be with your infant twenty four seven without any outside help?

I guess my gripe isn't really against human mothers. What I'd like to know is: why can't we be as intuitive as these 'lower species'? Why do we have to do through volumes of learning and experience to know what to do and when? If instincts were eliminated from our species so as to prepare us for a lifetime of learning and spiritual development, why aren't we learning and thus evolving instead of wasting our time with meaningless conflict and vacuous thought bubbles in the form of Facebook?

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